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Transfurence is a Canadian based company owned by AR Keay (better known as Théa). Her designs focus around an appreciation for nature and fantastical passions while constantly seeking to improve her work.Check out other's photos of Transfurence costumes on


Welcome to the Adoptable Fursuit Catalog. These are concepts Théa has either purchased or designed herself that she desires to bring to life. Upon an opening event each costume concept is released for bidding offers based on which one has the most sign ups. You can sign up for email notifications at the bottom of every concept. Exceptionally priced offers before an adoptable is released are considered. Adoptables take higher priority slots compared to regular commissions.Extra features such as fans, LEDs, etc are up to the client to request. If you are making an offer be sure to state the currency (as industry standards are priced in USD). Offer amounts do not include the cost of shipping.*Genders stated are for the characters, not the wearer. If you have any questions about a costume simply click the “notify me” link and replace “sign me up!” with your inquiries.


- Full digitigrade suit with foam shell padding-stuffing optional
- Standard 1.5″ shag fur
- Female or gender neutral
- Static or articulated jaw options
- 2D toony eyes
- Zip-on tail that hovers just off the ground with wagging motion
- Removable wings for partialing
- Foot bottoms of your choice
- Custom printed spandex wings, inner ears, and tail leaves
- Cloth horns and claws
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- Full digitigrade suit with foam shell padding-stuffing optional
- 1″ pile fur with extra long foot feather fur
- Female/feminine
- Static jaw
- 3D follow-me eyes
- Custom printed spandex mane/tail/fins
- Hand design is flexible
- Optional kelp poncho
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- Full digitigrade suit with foam shell padding-stuffing optional
- 1″ pile fur with fluffy accents
- Any gender, but this design does not change to accommodate
- Intended for smaller shoulders/hourglass shaped person
- Inflatable insert for a super light/collapsible tail (yes, this fursuit fits into a single bin!)
- Static or articulated jaw
- 3D follow-me eyes with magnetic eyelids
- Puffy or slim paw options
Foot bottoms of your choice
Claws to be determined
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Custom services

Currently CLOSED for new commissions until 2023
I do not give price quotes outside application openings. I have had to turn this business into part-time due to healh priorities and learning curves. Once I get my equipment and work flow sorted out I'll have a better idea of turn around times and base prices.
Work queue

General Info

- A this time I only do toony/kemono/semi realistic styles for custom commissions
- I do not offer typical plantigrade full suits at this time- I prefer to stay true to animal characteristics
- I do not offer single part custom items or refurbs unless advertised
- I do not start work on a suit until 90% of the cost is paid off and 30% is non-refundable
- There is a design/reference sheet quality screening during application openings - it is not first come, first serve. I pick jobs that are practicable, fun, and further my portfolio as I can only complete a few costumes a year. If you just need a fursuit quick and cheap I recommend checking out the database.

Terms of Service

Get ahead of the crowd with early email notifications before and during commission opening events! Extra Options
Items like interchangeable or separate outdoor/indoor feet, LEDs, fans, accommodation for cooling vests, etc are available, please inquire with your application for more cost estimates or DTD instructions.

Inside details


Foam shell inserts are patterned pieces of 1″ upholstery foam glued together to create forms around the wearer held by tension and friction. Super lightweight and collapsible, industrial fans can blow right through to cool without needing to de-suit during breaks. For clients who prefer more solid forms pillow padding with polyester fiberfill is available but will add weight and heat. Be sure to unpack and let your foam inserts return their form a few hours before you plan to wear your costume.

Total list of materials:

Note: not all materials will be included in every costume. If you have any concerns or questions about using alternative materials for your costume feel free to contact me.A general warning to never let your costume (specifically the head) reach dangerous temperatures in spaces such as a hot car which can easily surpass 40 celcius. Hot glue will melt apart, plastics will warp, and the faux fur will be damaged. Certain adhesives and materials, like foamed PVC, will release carcinogenic fumes past 65 °C /149 °F- always let your costume air out before wearing if it's been in such a situation. Long exposure to direct sunlight also damages costumes.

Acrylic paintContact cement
Bolts/Springs (jaw sets)E6000
Cast resin and/or siliconeHot Glue
EVA and upholstry foamSuper 77
Fleece, spandex, nylon, elastic &Silicone
other textiles 
Plastic faux fur 
Polyurethane casting foam 
Polyester fiberfill 
Pool inflatables (sometimes) 
Rubber mat 
Sintra and other plastics  
Upholstery/regular thread 

Handy Resource Links

Washing/taking care of your fursuitFurtrack - the place to upload and find photos of your costume! - Research about all the makers out there and leave a review of your experiences - The fursuit maker database

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